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Connect a LAN Device via Broadcast

Binfer is excited to announce the new capability to add devices into your Private Cloud via LAN discovery.  Connect devices that do not have an active internet connection as long as they are in the same LAN as a device that does.

With the proper licensing, all server and client instances automatically begin broadcasting upon installation to search for other Binfer instances within the network.  Whenever an endpoint is installed that endpoint will connect within 5 minutes to the server or client instance broadcasting it’s location.  The endpoint will be added into the Devices module and will function as a regular Binfer Private Cloud instance once connected.

Binfer is proud to offer another way to connect all your devices and we will continue to strive to meet any and all of your data transfer needs.

Logging Into Endpoints

Currently the endpoint login functions slightly differently from the standard server or client login for Binfer Enterprise Sync.  Once the endpoint is connected, the login username will be the username of the Binfer Enterprise Sync client that has access to the server within the LAN.  The password will just be left blank for now.  That combination will allow you to login to the endpoint in the same way you would log into any other client instance.