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Enterprise Solutions.

Reliable. Global. Connected.

Binfer builds enterprise solutions based on our direct device-to-device data transfer technology for companies needing speed, security, flexibility, and regulatory compliance. With turn-key setup and direct support, Binfer provides private cloud, secure file synchronization, and private messaging between your servers and devices. Binfer makes it easy to dynamically assign licenses, manage users, and keep your organization in sync. Binfer does not upload your data to third party servers so you know where your data is an how it is being accessed at all times.

Manage access from anywhere

Secure Device Sync

Binfer makes file synchronization an automatic process.  Binfer’s secure sync feature supports uninterrupted data transfer between multiple devices, moving files faster and more reliably than cloud-based platforms.

Private Cloud

Binfer creates a private cloud between your organizations’ servers and devices enabling easy data replication and communication across devices whether those devices are in the same room or out at sea. 

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Replicate Data Across Devices

Binfer enables you to use your current file structure and mirror data across your organization.

Transfer Data in Half the Time

Binfer moves very large files in half the time of cloud-based platforms with no file size limits making it easy for organizations to collaborate on large projects.

GDPR Compliant

With Binfer, you always know where you’re customer’s data lives and and can easily change access rights.

Automated Reporting

When movement of data is important information, Binfer saves you time knowing which devices accessed data and how it moved.

Transparent Data Residency

When security is not just about access, but where data lives, Binfer provides the most transparent view into where your company’s data resides.

Secure Messaging

When dealing with sensitive information, Binfer provides end-to-end encryption and direct device-to-device messaging for a true private messaging solution.